Sobre a Quintinha | In English
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"Quintinha, Lda." is a company that trades exclusively in goods of organic origin, either by means of appropriate cargo vans or common post.
We are located near the Douro river, in Gaia (south bank), the city where the famous Port Wine has been stored for centuries.
We established ourselves in December 2000, with a strong belief in the future of Organic Agriculture and our growth is based on the effort to serve our clients better, always searching a good price/quality relation in our products.

We have now a new challenge: to present some of the most typical organic Portuguese Products, abroad, to make everyone aware of the quality and excellence of the “taste of Portugal”.
Those who enjoy our country and feel curious about our famous food and hospitality are invited to join us in a shared effort.
We also wish to share our acquired knowledge, which is the result of 20 years of our own experience, with the ones who believe in sustainable development and can invest on a gratifying and inspiring business opportunity in Portugal or abroad.